Digital Business Cards
on Smartphones

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Cost for each Digital Card $10 per year.

Create with your own Design and Branding.

Created in switzerland Switzerland. Used Globally.

We help you build a ‘Digital Identity’ to Stand Out.


How it Works

Exactly same as paper business cards ordering.

Instead of printing, installs directly on Smartphone with our App.

Our App Includes a built-in paper business cards Scanner to manage Sales Leads.

Create eCard Order

Using the ShareEcard ordering options described below.

Order Confirmation Email

Sent with Card Graphic and details of your order.

Activate eCard

Download ShareEcard Pro App. Sign-in with your Credentials and eCard is installed.

Share Your eCard

Share your Digital Card with anyone, even if they do not have the ShareEcard App.

Design and Order your Digital Cards

Whether you are a beginner or a creative professional, we offer
innovative design options to help you create your own Digital Card.


Use our

  • Want simple and easy customization.
  • For a professional card design.
  • You may have your own logo.
See our design templates

Design Digital Cards if you:

  • Already have your own logo.
  • Want to create your own design.
  • Want to customize every detail.
Start with a blank template

Upload a full design
if you:

  • Have Card design files already.
  • Have own professional designer.
  • Have own Corporate Branding.
Upload a full design

ShareEcard Pro

• Increase your Digital Footprint using ShareEcard.

• Designed to be Shared - not thrown away.

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